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llows, by● the divine right of leadership, to war.Except ▓as a consequence of his greater bravery, he s●tood in no one place higher than those he led.▓The fighting was individual.▓There were no tactics; there was ●no systematic military org

A subtle thought may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths ofgreat value.

an●isation.All fought singly, with a view to the c▓ommon end of success. It ●was only when the character of arms themselv▓es advanced, as civilisation and greater int●er-dependence of peoples increased, ▓as communication from point to point● improved, rendering combined operations possi?/p> Read More


坆le, that systematic war beg▓an.Even then, t

e of a mor


here was much of the person▓al element in the m

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atter.The known chief plant●ed his standard, and round it gathere▓d, at first,

a mass of subor▓dinate units, led by their chosen sub-chiefs▓.But even this was the beginni▓ng of greater things.Organis▓ation, on which the real art of war d●epends, had arisen.The chief now direc●ted subordinate


commanders, ●and command became subdivided.He no longer l▓ed only; he directed, in additio●n to infusing courage into his men by his p

erso●nal bravery. So it has been● with the successive races that have▓ fought in those early days on B●ritish soil.The first real militar